Monthly Archives: May 2023

111. Is Your Team Happily Unmotivated?

Recent data shows two things that on the surface, do not make sense.  Worker happiness is at a 30-year high, but worker disengagement is still at 70%.  How can both things be true?  Don’t confuse happiness with engagement.  Those are two separate things.  As a leader, you need to start asking yourself some questions.  No, you can’t solve everyone else’s problems or concerns.  However, you can make some serious headway if you start to acknowledge them.  On the week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll explain some of these issues and some simple things you can do to move the engagement needle back in your favor.


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110. You’re Just 5 DOGS Away From The Best Version of You!!!!!

Leadership Pro Tip: Everybody struggles!!!!  Yes, everyone.  We are started from somewhere and hopefully, we are all trying to be a better version of ourselves.  The good news is that you just to 5 DOGS that you feed well, exercise and take care of properly.  Stop trying to just beat or be better than others.  When you do that, the other person is the goal.  What if you really expanded yourself to be better.  That’s it….just better.  Then, repeat that process over and over again.  On the week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast we’ll explain how 5 DOGS gets you to focus on you, so you can be the best version to serve others.

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