146. How to “Show Up” The Right Way!

How do you show up?  Does it change based on who you’re with?  Maybe it changes with the situation?  They say IQ gets you in the room and EQ keeps you in the room.  Have you thought about your GQ status?  In this episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we talk about all 3 Q’s.  Why they are important and how you can actually hurt you when you don’t know which Q to use or how to use them.

145. Welcome to the Club!!!

Facts are facts.  If you are going to achieve something, you’ll have to join a “club” meaning, whatever group of people you are going to lead.  There is a price to be paid for it.  Also, there is a process to not only getting into the club but moving up in the club. For many of us, this isn’t a fun process.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll show you that even if you don’t want to, it’s necessary to get into the club and more importantly, show you that it’s just a process for everyone.