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116. Work Life Balance Unbalanced? You Need Clarity…..Not Balance.

When most people think of work life balance, they key in on the word balance.  It simply cannot be and exact balance.  Maybe someday you’ll get to an income level that doesn’t require you to work so much.  That is very rare compared to most people.  Many people will tell you that your job or profession shouldn’t be your identity anymore.  That, there is more to who you are.  They are right about that.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, I’ll tell you it’s just fine to identify with your work.  No, employers do not “own” you, but whatever team you play for, you just play hard!  Be a value to the operation. More importantly, learn to help yourself by understanding the Give=Get equation and how ordering a pizza can help you help yourself.

When you “clock out”, be a value to you.  It’s never going to be a balance of time, but you can ensure you still take care of you personally.  I’ll give you an easy way of understanding the difference so you can be a value to your team but also be present in the life you live.

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115. Is Your Mind Your Worst Enemy? Tell Your Amygdala to sit down!!!!!

First, what on earth is an amygdala?  It’s a small piece of your brain that controls your response to things.  As a leader, that is what really tells your team what kind of leader you are.  In this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we talk about how your amygdala can derail who you really want to be.  When you uncharacteristically respond in a bad way, that’s called an amygdala hijack and that can be damaging.  We’ll give you tangible tips to hijack your amygdala hijacks so you stay in control.

114. What’s Driving That Behavior??? Pro Tip: You need to find out!

Probably the most frustrating thing for leaders regarding team performance, other than incompetence, is your team’s behaviors.  Why do they behave the way they do?  Why don’t they display other, more helpful behaviors?  What about you?  Yes, you……the Leader??  What about your behaviors?  More importantly, what’s driving those behaviors? On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll give you the permission to take a time out and ask these questions to yourself.  If you want to help your team excel, and become a more effective leader, you need to discover what’s the behavior driving the behavior.

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113. Win Or Lose…..Keep Moving On!!!!!!

Sounds strange but moving on is the same for winning and losing.  Yes, I know, it’s much more glorious to win but you can’t stay there.  You can’t be that person that peaked in high school or did an amazing thing, but yet never expand from that.  Losing also DOES NOT DEFINE you.  It was a moment in time.  That’s it.  On this week’s episode on the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll show you that you should always move on to what’s next.  It’s as simple as 2, two word questions.  Answer those, and you’re on your way!


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