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62. It’s Not About Getting “Unstuck”…..It’s About Always Moving Forward!

Moving forward is easier after a win than it is after a loss.  However, the process is still the same.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll share the process for continuously moving forward.  Yes, even after winning or achieving a goal, you can’t just rest on that.  As the great Ben Franklin said, “some people die at 25, but aren’t buried until they are 75.”  It’s not healthy to be stagnant regardless of winning or losing.

You need to understand that failure is a part of success.  Not one single person that has accomplished anything hasn’t failed at something.  So don’t make it personal.  Make it a process for consistently moving forward.  It really can be as simple as 2, Two Word Sentences to always propel you forward.

61. Why Do You Do What You Do????

One of the most challenging aspects of Leadership is understanding why people do what they do.  I’m not talking about job titles…..I’m talking about how they act and interact with other people.  How member of your team responds to issues or job assignments.  More importantly, how do you behave in different situations or different job assignments.  As I’ve always said, the Leader’s attitude is the thermostat for the team’s culture.  “How” you are as a leader affects your entire team.

On this week’s podcast episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we go on a self-discovery journey to understand behaviors.  You don’t need a psychology degree, but some understand about how you think, and your team thinks, can go a long way to getting everyone in the right roles, increase productivity and create a highly successful team culture.

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