71. Why Work Evaluations Are NOT Helping Your Team!

Work evaluations are a standard work practice.  After all, how else can you help your team get better without feedback?  The question really is, is the feedback you’re giving current, accurate and effective?  On this week’s episode on the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we break down what’s wrong with the current evaluation system and how you can fix it.  It may sound like a boring topic, but I think we all have a story of receiving a bad evaluation and how that changed our focus of work.

If you really want to empower your team forward, break the old cycle of evaluations and make feedback meaningful.  Evaluations shouldn’t be for HR style documentation to “hold people accountable.”  It should be, and can be, a great tool to moving your team forward by acknowledging their daily behaviors and decisions that support the Vision and the Strategy.  Evaluations…..what an amazing tool to move your team forward!