73. Want To Win People Over???? Choose Your Q!

The art of truly being successful with people revolves around the letter Q.  Knowing when and which Q to you need to be can either help you be successful or hurt any progress you could have had.  As they say, IQ gets you in the room and EQ keeps you in the room.  There’s also another Q too many people rely on and that’s GQ.  Yes, just like the magazine, some people think it’s about image or having expensive, shiny things.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we breakdown when the right Q is for you and how focusing on the wrong Q can hurt your credibility and disconnect you from your team.

The good news is that knowing your Q and using it at the right time helps you to help your team.  Don’t miss understand, it’s not about being a certain way to look a certain way, it’s about being the right leader at the right moment.