Monthly Archives: May 2022

81. Firing Someone or Promoting to Customer?

Inevitably, not everyone will perform well on your team.  Or maybe, they will make such a bad decision, you can’t just “coach” them out of it.  You will need to fire them.  Have you done all you can do with them?  Can you let someone go with empathy?  They may wind up being your next Customer.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, learn how to let people go the right way.  Most importantly, discover if you, as the Leader, have done what you should.  You’ve set the Culture Table, you’ve protected the team Culture boundaries, you lead with purposeful accountability.  Just like evaluations, letting someone go should never be a surprise!

80. How To Take Over A New Team The Right Way

One of the most challenging things a leader will do is take over a new team.  Sure, you might think that you are taking charge and they are there to serve you.  Actually, it’s the other way around.  You must serve them.  You must guide them.  The building of trust is on you not them.  All too often new leaders lose a lot of human capital and a lot of time by started the wrong way with their new team.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we’ll show you how to start with your new team the right way and put your objectives into to hyperdrive because you immediately put your new team at ease by showing them, you’re there to help them win!