104. Yep! You Are Replaceable!!

Those words may be very hard to hear.  No one wants to think they can be replaced.  Maybe, you’ve been at the same company for 20 years or more and it’s never happened to you.  For many of us, it’s a very possible reality.  Even within your job, maybe you’ve been reassigned or didn’t get that promotion you should have.  Or…..maybe you were replaced.  The feelings of anxiety, feelings of, “am I not good enough?” start to creep in.  Maybe it was just a vindictive boss that wanted you out of the way.  For whatever reason you’ve been replaced, there is only one question.  How do you move on? It’s time to examine what truly happened and how you can move past it to become the person you wanted to be.  Stop thinking about being replaced, and start thinking about how you can be renewable.


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